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Emma Watson “Confirmed” to Play Anastasia Steele…Plus 6 Other Girls Rumored for the Role


We just couldn’t leave all you guys without some Fifty Shades juicy deets for the weekend. The Internet has been abuzz with rumors of who is playing who in the film adaption for like…ever it seems, and guys, we just got a pretty good indication of at least one of the stars of the movie, and this time it seems legit.

A group of hackers that call themselves Anonymous have broken into the files of the German movie studio Constantin; they stole a large amount of information, one tidbit being a document that pretty much spelled out Emma Watson as taking the role of Ana.

I’m a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, so I am totally down for her to take on the role. I know she’s been trying very hard to break out of her Hermione image for the last couple years and I think this will really help her do that; she’s a great actress. She’s a beautiful girl, but it just wasn’t the type of face I was expecting them to pick.

Was she the right pick? Keep reading to see six other ladies that were at one time or another rumored to be at least thinking about going for the role; would they have been better choices?

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