March Madness! Vote For You Favorite TV Couple! Round 4

What is going ON with this bracket, dear readers!? Every time I check on the stats, I’m blown away by the upsets that have taken place. Cory and Topanga ousted by PLL‘s Ezra and Aria!? Come. On. You’re all poor excuses for 90s babies, and I’m not ashamed to say it!

Here we are, in the fourth round of our quest to find the Best TV Couple of All Time, and — from where I sit — it looks like anything can happen. If you had asked me at the start of this thing who would win, I would have told you Carrie and Big would be taking home the win, no questions asked. But guess what? They didn’t make it past Round Two. Clearly I’m not the best judge of what y’all like.

Get ready to surprise me again and get out the vote! Welcome to the fourth round of this madness:

Click on the bracket above to see it full-size, in all its glory!


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