Fashion Inspired By the “Parks and Rec” Cast

During a lot of the shows I watch, I’m looking at the female fashion. This would usually mean shows like Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and other really trashy reality television. Usually, I don’t find much I love if it’s a really comedic or male-based show; I just sit back and let the jokes entertain.

Well, a recent post on CollegeFashion has completely changed my outlook on thread-scoping during primetime. They’ve started a series of posts that compiles fashion for women based off of characters from television shows, even male characters!

The current posts are based off of Parks and Recreation and the outfit inspirations are awesome! My fav is the inspiration board for Ben Wyatt; it was pretty preppy with just a little bit of a quirky edge to it, with some button ups and tailored pants and some unique jewels.

You can check out how to dress like Andy, Donna, Chris, and Ron too!

Check out the outfit inspirations here!

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March Madness! Vote For You Favorite TV Couple! Round 4
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