Jazz Up Your Lights With Tulle! [DIY with CC]

Quite honestly, I hate florescent lighting, it is so harsh, no one looks their best under it, it gives me headaches…just no. So, my room is filled with sources of soft lighting, it sets the mood and makes me relax and feel at home. I got really tired of just putting lamps everywhere, so I wanted something a little new and different to put in my new dorm room at school for this year. While perusing Pinterest, I found the perfect solution: a tulle light garland! It was really easy to make (and cheap) and it is a really pretty focal point of my room. I’ve even made one for my best friend!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

-around 4 yards of tulle (you can do all one color or multiple colors, I chose light pink and cream for subtle changes in mine, but go wild if you want!)

-a string of 25 mini Christmas lights (white or green, doesn’t matter)


-a few hours in front of the TV

Here’s What To Do:

-You’ll need to cut up the tulle into 4×1.5 inch strips. The easiest way to do this is by folding and cutting over and over again. Don’t be afraid if the strips aren’t perfect, it actually looks better when they aren’t perfect…it makes the tulle appear puffier around the string.

-Start at the end opposite of the plug and in between each light start tying the strips onto the wire. I would only tie once not twice, they stay on really well and doing it twice would be really time consuming. If you want a puffier string of lights just make sure you’re really filling the spaces between each bulb. Tulle is really easy to manipulate so you can just keep pushing it back and filling in more pieces until you feel it’s just right.

-Keep doing this until you reach the last light, or you have enough for the area you’re displaying it.

Click here for the original post I used at This DIY Life.

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