What’s the Deal with Selection Sunday?


This whole Selection Sunday thing is blowing up my Twitter newsfeed, and I  had no idea what the hell it was. Was it something to do with football? Baseball? Basketball? Fantasy drafting? Did it even have anything to do with sports? Ugh, how am I supposed to keep up with sports jargon at bars and impress all the boys when new stuff keeps popping up? Life is hard.

In a nutshell (and according to Wikipedia), Selection Sunday is the day when the NCAA College basketball tournament participants are placed, seeded accordingly, and announced.

Since this Selection Sunday thing was such a big deal on Twitter (and Facebook and every other social media outlet), and overshadowing Saint Patrick’s Day (the day of my people, how rude), I figured that I should do a little research into what the heck it is. (Sidenote: Sorry if this is offensive to you, and you already know all about Selection Sunday…I went to a small, private school, so college sports ain’t mah thang.) I wanted to figure out what the big fuss was and what it means for us college kids.

I’ve scoured the Internet and found some facts about Selection Sunday that are pretty interesting. If you’re just as clueless as I am, check it out in the gallery below!

[Lead Image via TSM Interactive]

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