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Lindsay Lohan Avoids Major Jail Time, Is Sentenced to Only 5 Days Behind Bars


Remember when Lindsay Lohan got in trouble for hitting an 18-wheeler with a rented Porsche, scooting into the passenger’s seat so it didn’t look like she was driving and then bribing the truck driver to stay hush-hush on the whole incident? As you’ve no doubt heard, today was her court sentencing for the fender bender and as we understand, her punishment is extremely light due to the fact that she accepted a plea deal. Here’s the rundown of what she can look forward to:

-5 days in jail

-24 months probation

-18 months of psych counseling

-90 days in a locked rehabilitation facility

-30 days community service

-Over $200 in fines (wow)

Lohan must turn herself over within the next seven days to begin her time behind bars. She’ll have a “clean record” upon completion of her entire sentence.

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