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Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 10 [A Bro’s Thoughts]


It’s all over. Finally. The second season of Girls has come to a grand, overdrawn and plain ol’ dramatic conclusion with ‘Together’. The title itself is pretty funny considering that none of the characters actually spend anytime together, but rather finish up their respective story lines and wrap up everything neatly for season 3. While I’m still not on board with a third season of this show, there were definitely some strong moments in this episode, that hopefully compared with traits of the two other good episodes this season will hopefully bring something fresh from Lena Dunham and her crew next year.

In Which Hannah Gets Her Happy Ending But Is Probably Going To Get Sued

While Lena Dunham found an excuse to give herself a really bad haircut on television and gave no character progression whatsoever for Hannah, I guess it just makes sense that Adam literally ran back to her. The thing that I don’t understand, though, is how exactly Adam coming back to her will solve the financial and mental problems that she’s been displaying pretty heavily for the past few episodes. Obviously, Hannah is not in the right head space. Adam, given the whole ‘On All Fours’ thing from last episode, doesn’t really seem like the pillar of support that you should lean on. While I understand the need for them to be together since their awkwardness/quirks are oh so compatible, there’s just too much other bullshit going on for anyone to really focus 100% on one thing or the other, like Hannah’s book.

Does being in love completely inspire Hannah to write the next great chick-lit novel? Does she write the next Prozac Nation? Or does she just write a stupid eBook called ‘Pills & Pillowcases’ (or something with alliteration that’s witty) that pretty much is a first person retrospective of the first two seasons of Girls? Because that would be so meta, right? (Cue every eye roll ever in the history of the world.) A part of me wants to tune in next season to find out, but I already know that it’ll probably be crap, so I’m giving up on Hannah, and sadly, Adam for the foreseeable future.

In Which Shoshanna Makes A Stand And Finds Her Fierce Independence

God damn Shoshanna GAVE IT to Ray this episode, huh? While we could foresee the breakup coming, the fact that Shoshanna pretty much told Ray he’s the worst person in the history of forever only to go out later that night and be young and fun and act her age and get drunk a bar and make out with a dude was absolute perfection. There’s something about Shoshanna that might be the reason I watch Girls. She’s electric on screen when she rapid fires those stream of consciousness lines out at people in fury. Her awkward sex scene in the beginning of this episode shows how far she’s come from the very awkward virgin from last season to a girl who knows what she wants is going to get it and doesn’t care who she runs over to do it. I can only hope that Shoshanna gets more and more fierce next year, just have her rage out all over, maybe even turn into a little bit of a slut, you know? But that’s enough hypothesizing.

In Which Hurricane Marnie Was The Lamest Drizzle Ever

How lame is it that Marnie just wound up back with Charlie after all this buildup to a breakdown that ultimately went to Hannah? Super lame. There’s just no other way to describe it. No one wants Marnie happy. We want her as a hot mess. And Dear God, if she just gets tired of him again and dumps him again next season, it makes the past 10 week investment of my life into Allison Williams a complete waste of time, and believe me, I will be spiteful, you know?

The second season of Girls is over and all I can really do is aggressively roll my eyes over and over and over again. And sigh dramatically. And wonder ‘what the fuck do people see in this show. After ten weeks of analysis and close debate, I can conclude that not only was this a horrible season of television (with only two good episodes out of ten), that there is no way I have any confidence it will bounce back next year. Girls the comedy turned into Girls the drama these last few weeks, and surprisingly, that’s where it seems to be in a comfort zone. There’s no inspiration or drive behind any of these characters and their development based on this season, so why should I stay invested for next year? I really think that HBO needs to give some thought into adding some new writers or some new cast members or just something fresh to add a spark to the show if they’re really looking forward to this being its new flagship comedy post-Entourage. In conclusion, I really don’t understand the appeal of Girls, but people out there have to be watching it for it to get so many awards and another season green lit, right? So let’s look forward to more awkward unfunny episodes next year, right? No? Yeah. That’s what I thought.