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Steubenville, a New Pope, and the History of Rap [Current Events Cheat Sheet]


SPRING BRRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAAAAK!!!!! Jk, I’m in New York and it’s snowing. But I’ve decided that if I buy cute spring clothes, spring will come. Right? Right. Here are the week’s top stories just in case you missed them on your fabulous tropical vacation.

At Home

Two football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio were found guilty in juvenile court. The case gained national attention after photos and videos from the attack appeared online and the hacker group Anonymous leaked personal records of thousands of Ohio residents in protest of the victim blaming that happened after the assault.

New York City’s “cannibal cop” Gilberto Valle, who planned to kidnap, rape, and eat several women was found guilty of conspiring to kidnap the women and illegally accessing a national crime database to research his potential victims.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Los Angeles area, producing nearly 100 aftershocks. It caused no major damage, but was the largest earthquake to hit the area in about three years.

The World

Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was selected to be the new pope in a short conclave. He took the name Francis.

A Swiss tourist was gang raped in Central India. Five men have now been arrested in connection with the assault.

North Korea claims that it is the victim of intensive cyberattacks on a daily basis. The government blames “hostile forces,” including the United States.


March Madness is about to heat up.

The NFL free agents are signing with new teams. Find out who’s going where here.

Hot on the Web

Justin Timberlake kind of dominated TV last week, but the highlight was his fourth History of Rap performance with Jimmy Fallon. Check it out.

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