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The 11 Best Cheesy Love Songs of the ’00s


It’s everyone’s favorite twin brother musical duo’s birthday today! If you’re thinking Evan and Jaron, you’re totally right. The twins are celebrating their birthday today, and in honor of them and how they’re definitely singing about me in “Crazy for This Girl,” we’ve compiled a list of the ’00s best cheesy love songs. From Nine Days to LFO, we’ve got you covered on the cheesiest (and most awesome) love songs of the decade!

1. Maroon 5- “She Will Be Loved” (2004)

For some reason, this music video is one that I can vividly remember watching on MTV Hits. Maybe it was my confusion as to who Adam Levine was singing to (the daughter or the mom) or the fact that he obviously looks beautiful on camera. Whatever the case, this song is awesome and makes us want Adam Levine to not mind spending every day out on our corners in the pouring rain.

2. John Mayer- “Daughters” (2003)

Even though I am an avid support of T-Swift, I will always and forever love John Mayer and his music. You can always count on him for amazing lyrics, and this song is no exception. This song has also probably been danced to at a thousand weddings, so we have to give it props for that.

3. Nine Days- “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)” (2000)

Try not to sing along when you hear the initial “This is…” in the beginning of this song. The lyrics are adorable and make us wish that the story was about us. Plus, the song was written about a girl in the main singer’s life, making it completely romantic and wonderful.

4. Evan and Jaron- “Crazy for This Girl” (2000)

And here they are. This song is the first that I can remember wanting the singers to serenade me with in a personal concert. Maybe they’ll do it for their birthday, as a birthday present…to me?

5. Train- “Drops of Jupiter” (2001)

This is one of my favorite songs of all-time. The lyrics are so well-written and romantic. I mean come on, “she acts like summer and walks like rain.” That’s poetry!

6. LFO- “Every Other Time” (2001)

Whenever I hear those introductory “na na na nas,” I always get excited. This song is both hilarious and adorable, as the singer describes all of the crazy things the girl does to him. But “he’s so in love with her, every other time,” and its just so darn cheesy and cute.

7. Ryan Cabrera- “40 Kinds of Sadness” (2004)

I’m pretty sure this song is about Ashlee Simpson and even if it’s not, I’m gonna pretend it is. I will admit that this song is up there on my serenade songs playlist.

8. John Mayer- “Your Body is a Wonderland” (2002)

Yup, John Mayer has made the list again. The guy just writes such romantic lyrics.

9. Rob Thomas- “Her Diamonds” (2009)

This one’s from later on in the decade but is a crazy good song. Rob Thomas also has the best lyrics, especially in this one!

10. LMNT- “Juliet” (2002)

This song will forever make me happy. I literally can not listen to it without singing along to the chorus (and making dumb hand movements acting out the lyrics).

11. Jesse McCartney- “Beautiful Soul” (2004)

This song is the definition of this list.

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