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There Will Be A Backstreet Boys Documentary [Candy Dish]


There will be a tell-all Backstreet Boys documentary . . . oh snap. The film will be created by the same folks who did Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D which makes me believe it won’t be too tell-all. Unless the documentary revisits their rise to fame and who they were before 2013 than I can’t imagine it being very scandalous or revealing. Nevertheless I am always down to see celebrities try to project a “more authentic” image of themselves on screen.

In Other News

So Lindsay Lohan has spent 86% of her adult life on probation.

Lil Wayne, get better, bb.

But what if there was a new Buffy movie?

Do you have what it takes to be monogamous?

In not all that shocking, yet still awesome news, Hillary Clinton explicitly states she supports same-sex marriage.

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