March Madness: Vote For Your Favorite TV Couple! Round 5!

Today begins Round 5 of our March Madness bracket and things are taking a turn for utter deliciousness. We’re down to the final four couples and I can say in all honesty I did not expect these pairs to make it this far. The fandoms and claws have really come out on this one. Although it’s sad to see Ice and Coco along with Cory and Topanga get knocked out of the competition I am more than ecstatic about Castiel and Dean soldiering through. I am not sure if anyone can beat the unbreakable bond of Chuck and Blair but Sharon and Ozzy have been together for DECADES. Who will win? WHO WILL WIN?! Only you can decide. Vote NOW!

Teen vs. Drama!!!

You guys got pretty amped about Dean and Castiel’s beautiful romance and voted your little hearts out. Dean and Cas took the lead by a landslide beating Buffy and Angel (holy moly) by 92%! But will this bromance be able to outlast the legendary high school affair turned happily ever after between Chuck and Blair? Only time – and your votes – will tell.

Sitcom vs. Reality!!!

 I can’t begin to describe how shocked I am to see Sharon and Ozzy still on here. I am pretty glad we can all agree they have a long and loving marriage but Lily and Marshall are just ever so charming?


Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl) vs. Dean and Castiel (Supernatural) 

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Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother) vs. Sharon and Ozzy (The Osbournes) 

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