Tuffy Luv Tells Lil Sis to Behave

Dear Tuffy Luv,

I lost the trust of my older brother. I told him I wouldn’t date his friends and then I dated his best friend behind his back. The problem is, too, that we had sex in his bed once. We only went out for a few weeks before I broke it off but my brother found out and got really mad. I wanted to make it up to him so I bought him tickets to see his favorite band play so we could hang out together and have fun but then he was still mad at me and didn’t take me and took my ex instead.

I’m really pissed at him for that but I know I brought it on myself. I know I should apologize but at the same time he shouldn’t have brought my ex even if he was his friend first. Also shouldn’t he be mad at his best friend too? He told him not to date me too but they’re still all buddy buddy. I don’t know. What should I do?

Lil Sis

Dear Lil Sis,

Um. You should apologize. First of all, it’s totally flooped up to say one thing and do another. Lying is NOT okay. And lying to your brother is double not okay. Also, gross that you had sex in his bed. Whose idea was that?! I don’t know which way is worse. But I digress.

Look, it’s his best friend, and he DID ask you not to date him, so his relationship with the dude does not have to change. AT ALL. Zero. Like, you have zero say in what they do. For real. ZE. RO. Should he also be mad at his friend? Who knows! Not your business!

In the meantime, he SO didn’t have to take you. You were apologizing with those tickets, so what he does with them is up to him. Give him some time and he’ll forgive you. Just stopped doing flooped up shoop to him.

Hearts & Skulls,

Tuffy Luv

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