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American Eagle Jeans Are Skinniest Yet…Because They’re Spray-On


Currently for sale on American Eagle’s website are “Skinny Skinny” jeans — the brand’s skinniest jeans ever created. Sounds cool, right? Well, the catch is that these jeans aren’t jeans. They’re cans of spray paint that come in two colors, Indigo and Bright Light, and are part of a 1,000 piece limited edition run. A quick visit to the product’s page reveals an image of the two cans side by side, either color option selling for $49.95. The “new!” and “exclusive” product is further promoted by a video, which might be slightly NSFW, where happy wearers of the “pants” hail them as the skinniest they’ve ever worn. Umm…no, duh.

So what do we call this? A brilliant marketing gimmick? A sick reflection on how tight people like their pants? You tell me.