Another Girl Is Getting Cyberbullied For Being Raped By Football Players [Candy Dish]

Another girl is getting bullied online for getting raped by football players. The Frisky reports, “Two 18-year-old football players at Torrington High School in Torrington, Connecticut, allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl. The two young athletes have each been charged with the felony of second-degree sexual assault, along with two other charges.” So naturally people started Tweeting horrendous things at this THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL who clearly is at fault – NOT – in the situation. Here are just some of the responses she received, “I wanna know why there’s no punishment for young hoes,” “Sticking up for a girl who wanted the D and then snitched? Have a seat, please,” “I hope you got what you wanted,” and “You destroyed two people’s life.” Terrible.

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