Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 17 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Road trips are usually never good in television shows. They’re one-off, they never push forward the plot, and are usually some sort of character piece so the audience can feel more invested in the characters come finale time. However, the flashback sequences in The Vampire Diaries that accompany all of their ‘road trip’ episodes are so good, you don’t really mind. Luckily ‘Because The Night’ focuses on Damon being a badass instead of sappy, major plot lines concluded and new ones started up with only six episodes left this season.

In Which Summer of Sam Damon Should Really Be The Damon We See All The Time

The revelation that Damon in 1977 was Son of Sam kind of explains a lot. Really. Put some thought into it. We as viewers always knew that Damon was this horrid, murderous monster for hundreds of years since becoming a vampire. But one of the most notorious serial killers ever? And that just gets looked over in the opening sequence? What is that? But in terms of understanding Damon as a character: the fact that serial killers have rituals and types and leave messages and coding shows that Damon was WAY more into the whole ‘being evil’ thing that we ever really gave him credit for. I know that we’re supposed to give big slaughter props to Stefan for being ‘The Ripper’ but Damon definitely one-upped him this episode AND even slept with his BFF slam piece Lexie and never told anyone about it until now. Damon – 1. Everyone else – 0. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Speaking of the game, the fact that Elena and Rebekah outplayed Damon of all people kind of annoyed me. Elena’s definitely not as smart as the writers made her out to be this episode, since she’s been a vampire for, what, all of 4 months? And even Elena told Rebekah that she’s a hot emotional mess that wants to get menopause for some reason after being immortal for a millennia, which makes no sense. Their team up is cool, don’t get me wrong. But neither of these characters, especially after the Damon flashbacks through the episode, should have gotten the better of him. It felt forced. As we’ve seen, almost everyone has been outsmarted by Katherine, why should we feel any different now that an emotionless Elena is going after her? In terms of this plot line, I’ve got ‘Eh’ plastered all over it.

In Which Caroline Becomes Evil Cause Witch Murderfest 2.0 & Will Probably Bang Klaus Before His Spinoff

The writers of TVD definitely know what they’re doing right now with Klaus + Caroline. As much as we want Caroline to follow Klaus off to New Orleans for his spinoff next year, they’re building up the sexual tension to the eventual ‘goodbye’ bang. Which is understandable. Caroline’s a strong enough character where he obviously will probably keep Stefan busy as his new slam piece when Elena eventually destroys the cure, but there’s just too much build up for her not to hook up with Klaus at least once. And I got to give Klaus his kudos for playing his pimp hand strong. Caroline murdered 12 witches, needed some comfort. Klaus murdered 12 of his hybrids, could definitely provide that comfort and take Caroline to guilty feelings pound town. But he didn’t. Instead, he was like ‘Oh, all that rejection you gave me, this is how that feels.’ BURN! Caroline will eventually murder more people and really confide in Klaus, but hey, this is a good a start as any.

Klaus’ spinoff, however, is a pretty interesting variable in the current plot line due to how quickly it’s ‘backdoor pilot’ will be airing. I think episode 20 is the beginning of Klaus’ takeover, which makes me wonder exactly how much business he’ll be getting into with Silas considering how this episode ended. Sure, Silas is practically forcing Klaus to do his dirty work thanks to a white oak stake, but wouldn’t it make more sense for Silas to just outright kill Klaus, which would wipe out an entire line/race of vampires & hybrids, and make it easier for him to takeover? Or is that too easy since we’re watching a television show, which are never logical? So, I’m confused by all of this Silas + Klaus stuff with the impending move to New Orleans with our favorite original hybrid.

In Which Bonnie Gets Mind Wiped Because, Well, She Was Getting Too Badass

I really had Bonnie pegged out to be this super evil witch that would eventually not only get rid of Silas because she was just that powerful, but eventually want to take over the world and merge it with this whole ‘dead zone’ they’ve been talking about because she misses her Grandma. But instead, her memory got erased. It’s sad because the entire season Bonnie has really been on the path of just pure evil which was a welcome character change. Now, she’ll be back to being buddies with Caroline, crying over Jeremy, want Elena to be human again, and try to figure out why she couldn’t grasp her full potential as the Big Bad for the end of Season 4 and potentially Season 5. Overall, it’s just disappointing because it would have been a surprising change of pace to have a main character be the true evil on the show. I guess you can’t win them all.

So a bunch of witches got murdered, Elena & Rebekah teamed up after ditching Damon, Silas is blackmailing Klaus, Bonnie lost her memory and Caroline straight up merc’ed a bunch of witches. This episode has some great plot profession, a good flashback, and a couple of roster rotations character wise which will keep it fresh until the eventual finale, which is only 6 episodes away. Check out the teaser for next week’s episode below and let me know what you think either in the comments or on Twitter.

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