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Thinx Underwear Makes Your Having Period a Party! (Um, No Not Really)


We’ve all heard/seen/experienced that moment of horror when there’s a blood stain on your pants. Whether it happened at the grocery store or in front of your besties, it’s kinda embarrassing. But have no fear, a new line of underwear has been developed to prevent that from ever happening again! Enter Thinx: a “period underwear” company started by 3 young women. The company’s slogan is: “Underwear for the 21st century. No more worries or embarrassment — just full support and style!”. The line of underwear starts at $28 and goes all the way to $78 for the fanciest pair. They range from the every day hip hugger style to special shapewear ones with two mini heating pad inserts. Wait…what?! This pair of panties has a secret compartment for heating pads?! Yes, this $68 “Shapewear Comfy Thinx” design has 2 heating pad compartments.

First things first, yes I use a heating pad once in a while for bad cramps. I’m usually the one who’s lying on the couch having a Laguna Beach marathon with a heating pad on my lower stomach area. I can see how they’ve tried to these period panties as functional as possible, but maybe they’re a bit too complicated. I personally don’t think I’d ever walk around the mall with mini heating pads inserted into my special period underwear. What happens they run out of heat? Then you have 2 cooled off heating pads in your underwear. For those who don’t need heating pads, this style could also work for you. The “Shapewear Comfy Thinx” says you can use the secret compartments as a place to store your cash / ID when you don’t need the heating pads. Can you imagine having to reach into your underwear to grab cash to pay for your groceries? Or if you’re being ID’d at the liquor store? “One second, I just need to reach into my underwear to grab my ID”. It’s like a fanny pack for your vagina!

The other designs from this line don’t have the special heating pad compartments, but they do have their THINX Technology. What’s this special technology you ask? Here’s what they have to say about it:

“THINX is made up of Quad-Dry BreatheTECH, super-thin high-performance materials that resist stains and leaks, wick moisture and provide anti-bacterial support. The first line of THINX can completely replace panty liners on days when you want light support or it can act as back up to your traditional disposable or washable/reusable┬ámethods on heavier days.”

This THINX technology also has 5 layers: stain resistant, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorption, and leak-proof. If my math is correct, that’s 6 layers of defense with a tampon / pad. I think it’s fine to use the underwear as a “back up” for your tampons and pads, but to completely replace panty liners kinda grosses me out. Yeah it says it works for “light support” but what if your light day suddenly turns into a monster-heavy flow day? Then you have a puddle of blood soaked into your underwear….yuck. I personally would not shell out $30 for these period panties. I probably wouldn’t even wear them if someone gave me a free pair. I’ll admit, it’s a pretty cool concept and the technology is crazy intense, but I think it’s just a little too much.

What do you think? Would this underwear line revolutionize women’s underwear?

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