What Happened To Epic Disney Channel Original Movies? [Saturday Flashback]

Zetus lupetus! That’s all I have to say about this drought of DCOMs. Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century has to be one of my all time favorite movies. It was simply amazing. That girl was sassy. SO SASSY. Zenon was born and raised on a space shuttle but her rebellious shenanigans make her parents send her to live on Earth where she becomes an outcast amongst her peers. Meanwhile some evil corporate guy wants to destroy the spaceship and kill everyone inside. Can Zenon save the day? Obviously she can because she is amazing.

Halloweentown – now that was a good one. Marnie Cromwell finds out she is a witch from an alternate universe called Halloweentown but her mom refuses to allow her to practice her newly found secret powers.

Brink with Erik von Detten as a roller blader. Swoon. The Luck of the Irish where the kid becomes a leprechaun. The Color of Friendship explored the apartheid in South Africa and racism in America.There are too many to list.

I feel as though in recent years the quality of Disney shows and movies has gone down. Maybe I am just an old lady, maybe the times have changed but these old movies explored what it was like to come of age. I mean, half these movies are about kids finding out they are really an other worldly creature when they turn around 13 – they are basically metaphors for puberty and dealing with common teenage issues of fitting in, changing, acceptance and family. They were scarcely about fame or fortune like teenage marked television today, so much as they were about finding power in being an outcast and from within.

Seriously, though, y’all need to watch Zenon.

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