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The Absolute Best Seasons of The Real World


I have been watching MTV and more specifically, The Real World, since I can remember. I have an older brother and sister who were watching it while I snuck downstairs and hid behind the couch. I watched these crazy young people drink, fight, and have sex with each other like it’s part of their daily routines. But even so, it was amazing.

I never really understood what the hell any of those people were thinking when they wanted to go live in a house with other strangers and have their lives filmed. Since I’d consider myself a pretty knowledgeable person when it comes to this show that has been on TV for over two decades, I feel like I have a good idea of which seasons were absolutely amazing and which seasons were a snoozefest.

In honor of theĀ premiereĀ of The Real World: Portland this week, I’ve been thinking about which seasons really were my favorite throughout the years.

Check out the gallery below to see which seasons of MTV’s The Real World were my faves!

[Lead Image via MTV]

Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.