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3 Ways We Like to Eat Our Dole Banana Dippers (Because We’re Obsessed)


Being in college, we all know that we’re suppose to (try to) eat healthy. But let’s face it, that can be pretty difficult when you’re running on a college schedule and a college budget. Luckily, there are products out there that can help us cut down on the high-calorie junk food and even get some fruit in our day!

Dole’s Banana Dippers are just the snack you may need to get you through that long night of studying. It’s a pack of four sliced bananas covered in dark chocolate! And…only 100 calories per pack! The product’s description reads, “Snacking just got sweeter with new DOLE Banana Dippers! The goodness of bananas comes together with the rich, indulgent taste of dark chocolate.” How can you not want them after reading that?!

And if you’re a fan of almonds, they also make Dole Banana Dippers with Almonds! So, in honor of this awesome new snack, we’ve come up with three recipe ideas that incorporate Dole’s new Banana Dippers. Check ’em out and try them for yourself!

1. Fruit Kabob

Another great way that Dole Dippers can help you get more fruit into your day is the fruit kabob! Because fruit just tastes so much better when it’s combined with chocolate, cut up pieces of your other favorite fruits and make a fruit kabob with the Banana Dippers in between! An awesome dessert or a healthy choice for a post-workout snack!

2. Peanut Butter/Dipper Sandwich

If you’re a big fan of the stuff, simply put some in between two dippers and enjoy! If you’re not the biggest fan of peanut butter, just dip your dippers into a little bit of it!┬áIf the three main ingredients in something are dark chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter, I just don’t see where anyone could go wrong.

3. Ice Cream/Dipper Sandwich

We all love ice cream sandwiches. I’m a huge fan of Chipwhiches myself, but every now and then it’d be nice to go for a healthier alternative. Putting some frozen yogurt in between two Dippers is the perfect treat that’s both healthier and delicious!

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