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Selena Gomez Made Justin Bieber Cry [Current Events Cheat Sheet]


Yeah, I know you’re just reading this for that headline. I was like, baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhh….. Here are the week’s top stories.

At Home

The fourth largest Powerball lottery jackpot in history – $338.3 million – belongs to one single ticket buyer. The ticket was bought in New Jersey, and the owner of the ticket has yet to come forward.

Super trendy workout gear brand Lululemon Athletica has had to recall 17% of all women’s yoga pants sold at its stores due to a manufacturing error that made them too sheer. Though it sounds like a silly scandal, the error will cost the company – one of the top sportswear brands – about $20 million. Once a hot commodity, Lululemon had already been struggling on the stock market this year, and stocks continue to fall since the incident.

After the Steubenville rape trial verdict came in and the two attackers were found guilty, two girls were arrested for threatening the victim.

The World

Chinua Achebe, a prolific Nigerian writer and scholar, died in Boston. He had spent the last few decades of his life teaching at American universities, including Brown and the University of Massachusetts.

During a diplomatic trip to the Middle East, President Obama persuaded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to apologize to Turkey for a 2010 commando raid that killed nine Turkish activists. The apology was long sought by Turkey’s Prime Minister.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi issued a vague warning that he would do what was necessary to “protect this nation” after another bout of political violence in which 200 people were injured.


Some major March Madness upsets have happened already. Find out how badly your bracket has been destroyed.

The Miami Heat won their 24th straight game last week. Their winning streak has sparked a big increase in sales of the team’s merchandise.

Hot on the Web

And now I give you the best video of the week. David Letterman mentions a time he made Justin Bieber cry, and then Selena Gomez says, “Well then, that makes two of us.” Then they fist bump. You’re welcome.

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