Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Coming To Your Television – Rejoice

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Everyone’s favorite internet husband) has snagged a television series on a new cable channel called Pivot. The show will be a 30-minute variety hour centered around his production company Hit RECord. What’s cool about this is that not only will each episode feature a theme like, “Childhood” and “Outsiders,” but most of the content will be user generated. Like everything else Hit RECord users submit and collaborate on projects together and if your work gets chosen you, get paid. It’s super cool to see a production company supporting artists, writers, musicians and actors like that. The variety half hour will feature short films, skits and musical numbers. Enough from me already – just watch your internet husband explain.

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt sing R. Kelly’s “Ignition” to remind yourself of why you love him. 

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