15 Marriage Equality GIFs To Spread The Progressive Word [Gallery]

In the wake of the Supreme Court marriage equality hearings it’s just as important to show your solidarity as it is to read, write and discuss the issue of same-sex marriage with your peers. A GIF isn’t going to change the world, neither is changing your Facebook profile picture to a red equal sign but what it does do is send the message that you’re an ally of the cause and that you won’t tolerate bigotry. A lot of small-mindedness doesn’t stem from people waking up one day and deciding to be evil, it comes from growing up around a certain way of thinking and accepting that as true because your community tells you so.

It takes a courageous person to challenge the truths of the people they care about and respect, even if they may be wrong. The more people express solidarity with the LGBT community the more that those who oppose it feel like the odd man out and will begin to question the validity of their narrow-mindedness. Plus, GIFs are a non-aggressive way of showing your support! Spread the love, guys.

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