Who Cares About Looks When It Comes To Dating? Everyone. [He Said/She Said]

I wish I could say that looks don’t matter. I wish I could say ‘Hey, she may look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but guys really just go for personality!’. But let’s face it, we all know the truth. Looks are important to everyone. They might not be the MOST important thing to everyone, but they are important.

And you know what, they should be. I don’t mean that guys should only go for the hottest girls, but that everyone should go for people who they feel incredibly attracted to. That might not mean that a guy is considered good looking by everyone you know. He might have a ridiculously hairy back, or be a tiny bit overweight. But if you look at a guy and think he’s incredibly hot – no matter what – you’re pretty much guaranteeing passion, ongoing attraction, and most likely great sex. Sex and love depend on attraction, and attraction will always be partly physical.

Looks matter when looking for a relationship, and they matter when looking for a random hook-up. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s part of everyone. We look for people of a similar level of attractiveness, we’re drawn to people that look appealing, and we’ll dismiss people simply because their looks don’t elicit a sudden warm, tingly feeling throughout our bodies. They matter in relationships because no matter how hard you can try to look past appearances, you need someone you’re drawn to in every way. They matter for hook-ups because why wouldn’t you want to casually bang someone who is ridiculously hot?

The great thing about this seemingly painful truth is that good looks are so incredibly subjective. For every guy that says a girl isn’t good enough, there will be plenty of others who can see how truly beautiful she is. For every girl who laughs at a guy for being chubby, there will be other girls who will think that guy is the hottest thing to walk the earth. Physical attraction is random, confusing, illogical, and amazing. Let’s embrace it and stop pretending that looks don’t matter.

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