Bacon Condoms, Bacon Lube…BRB Throwing Up

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Tired of the same old latex condom? Well the guys over at J&D’s have created something for you: bacon flavored condoms. Yes, bacon-flavored condoms. They’re even lubricated on both sides with “baconlube”. What is baconlube you ask? Baconlube is a water based meat-flavored lubricant. If that still isn’t enough bacon for you, the actual condom has a bacon print on it. It actually “makes your meat look like meat”. These bad boys go for $9.99 for a 3 pack, but you’ll have to wait cause they’re SOLD OUT.

At first I was completely grossed out by this. Who wants to smell like breakfast food while they’re getting down and dirty? But then I was thinking hey, this might get people to practice safer sex. It might be a long shot, but it could work! Personally, I wouldn’t use bacon condoms because a) it makes his penis look even creepier, b) I don’t like bacon, and c) I don’t want MY privates to smell like bacon. Would you guys use these bacon condoms?

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