Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 18 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

The hunt for the oh-so illusive vampire cure has left Mystic Falls and arrived at some middle of nowhere town in middle of nowhere Middle America. While “American Gothic” made sure that the plot forced itself back to Mystic Falls, it brought some old characters back around just in time for The Originals spinoff launch and the grand finale where someone is obviously going to wind up taking the cure. Y’all vamp-lovers better start taking your bets now.

In Which The Best Original Vampire Came Back With A New Haircut So That’s Cool

I’ll always remember Elijah for straight decapitating a dude with his bare hands during his first appearance on the show two seasons ago. While he may have lost some of that murderous luster, his need to forever bang Katherine Pierce along with trying to figure out how he can get back on civil terms with Klaus is an admirable quality all the same. His re-introduction into the current ‘cure’ storyline is definitely curious and a little forced, but hey, who else is going to control Klaus when he’s down in New Orleans on his own show? Also, I was a little disappointed about the fact that Rebekah literally only had about 3 minutes to talk to the only logical/reasonable brother from the entire Original family about the cure. Straight up, Rebekah’s thirst for the cure is unquenchable. Not even Gatorade can handle this. But Elijah, forever wanting to take Katherine to vamp pound town, is willing to screw over poor Rebekah for some immortal boning. Bad move, bro. I’m sure chick dig the haircut, but damming your little sister to an eternity of damnation that she didn’t want and had a chance to get rid of? Bad form.

In Which Stefan & Damon Need New Girlfriends & New Cars

The most poignant plot point of this entire episode was the fact that Stefan has out right said that after all this BS is over with (well, Season 4 at least), he’s walking away from Elena/Mystic Falls/faux-Twilight and getting on with his life. Now I don’t know if that means Paul Wesley is having some contract problems IRL with TVD and wants out, or if maybe they’re just dying to figure out how to hook up Stefan and Caroline without all the fans going nuts. Either way, I’m proud of Stefan for taking a stand, being a man after whining like a baby about Elena’s bow-legged lameness for four seasons, and making sure he doesn’t have to deal with this again. While that leaves Damon to swoop in and take Elena to vamp pound town practically every day, let’s recap a very important point:

Elena is on a murder spree. The ending of this episode was bonkers, and frankly made me think about immortal or not, these kids are still in high school. Damon, dude, you definitely don’t need some homicidal maniac as a girlfriend when there’s a bunch of soon-to-be college freshman girls roaming around Mystic Falls. It also helps that she’s the doppleganger of the very person you never wanted her to be like, so, you know, try to make the smart move here. All in all, Elena just doesn’t come off as very evil to me, and for her to be so vicious in making sure that the Salvatore brothers don’t find her the cure is just plain overdramatic and hard to believe.

In Which Elena & Rebekah Should Never Team Up Again

These two together were just plain boring. Which sucks because an emotionless Elena going toe to toe with Katherine should have been more amusing than it was. They could have went buddy cop vibe. Criminals, vandals, violence, anything! But instead, Nina Dobrev proved her worth as a cardboard box of an actress and proceeded to let Rebekah shine in every single one of their scenes. (Which is sad because essentially Nina Dobrev was acting to herself, so she could decide how well the performance went.) Not to rag on her some more, but hey, aren’t you supposed to be the lead? Rebekah’s leaving with Klaus to start a new series, take some notes and be assertive. Stop trying to be so sexy and violent, it’s not working for you.

In Which Klaus & Caroline Will Never Happen

If they didn’t bang post-Klaus telling Caroline that she is the only person in his life to break the spell of the world’s most powerful immortal being, then I don’t know what pickup lines work these days for Original vampires. While the only thing I really got was that Silas can make you trip balls just about anytime I want, the progression between Klaus & Caroline is interesting. Can Caroline ever really think she’s going to get a relationship out of Klaus? Can Klaus play the ‘Just The Tip’ game, just a little bit, just to see how it feels? Caroline’s love for Tyler at this point is unreasonable, nonsensical and drawn out. If Damon & Stefan are out getting new slam pieces post-Elena cure, then Caroline should be on the same page as well.

All in all, Elijah’s got the cure, is coming back to Mystic Falls, and Elena’s gonna go on a murder spree. The last five episodes of this season are going to be so jam packed that it must be rough to keep track of it all, especially when one of those episodes is a backdoor pilot for your best character going to New Orleans with his brother and sister. Whatever. I dug “American Gothic”, not enough to say it was one of the better episodes of the season, but it definitely pushed along the season. If you dug the episode let me know in the comments and/or on Twitter. Check out the trailer for next week’s episode below:

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