The Top 5 April Fool’s Pranks to Pull In College

As you all are probably aware of, Monday is April Fool’s Day, which got me thinking — does anyone even know how this holiday began? Anyways, I have never really been one to partake in April Fool’s Day, and if someone were to prank me, I’d probably get very angry if it involved me having to clean up. However, as long as my friends helped afterwards, I would probably laugh hysterically because I am pretty gullible, and the expression on my face would be priceless.

This year I decided to come up with five amazing April Fool’s pranks for you guys to use that will hopefully bring laughter to everyone around (including the person you pranked). You’ve probably heard of most of them, so if you haven’t used them yet, go for it! Just make sure to help the person clean up afterwards and remember to not go too far with your pranks! We don’t want anyone crying, getting angry, or having property damaged.

1. Post-it-Note their car with all sorts of bright neon colors. When I was searching online, I also found covering cars with cardboard boxes and toilet paper. Whatever is easily accessible to you (JUST DON’T DAMAGE THEIR CAR, WHATEVER YOU DO!)

2. This one I found kind of funny but my sister didn’t agree with me. I could have a weird sense of humor. If you have a friend who is a REALLY DEEP sleeper, you could visit them in the middle of the night, and saran wrap their body (Just don’t cover their face!).

3. I once saw this prank on tv, but I don’t remember on what channel. Anyways, this may be a little difficult, but it was still awesome. Three guys went to their girl friends’ apartment, and took out all their furniture (they put it all in a safe location though!), and preceded to fill the girls’ apartment with turf. Then they let some baby chicks and bunnies loose in the apartment and then one of the guys dressed up as the Easter bunny. The other guys shut the door and went and hid, while the Easter bunny quietly sat in the house. When the girls opened the door to their apartment, they freaked out! It was actually hilarious, and the girls took it in good sport and laughed.

4. You can duct tape your friend’s door, and then cover it with silly string, cardboard, and tissue paper, or if you have two friends who live across from each other (like in a dorm), you can tie two opposing door handles together (make sure you leave the string a little loose so your friends still know whats going on but can’t get out) and watch as they struggle. hehe.

5. You can fill you friend’s room with water balloons and silly string or you can aluminum foil wrap every item in their room (floors, pencils, computer, bed, etc…)

There you have it folks! Five amazing pranks for you to pull on Monday, and I am going to say it now- I am not responsible for any angry people on Monday!

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