Make Your Own Vintage Jewelry Stand [DIY with CC]

I’m a huge mess when it comes to organizing my jewelry. My necklaces pile up and tangle each other on one corner of my counter. My earrings huddle together on top of my body butter container. And my bracelets are hanging from the pump of my lotion. I always see cute jewelry stands when I’m out shopping, but they’re always pretty pricey. I came across this cute DIY vintage jewelry stand tutorial by Acute Designs. It’s pretty easy, saves you counter space, and it’s cheap!

What you’ll need:

-2 candle stick holders

-3 plates (different sizes if you wish, or they can all be about the same size)

-super strength super glue

Tip: thrift stores might have some cool and cheap finds on plates / candle stick holders!

What to do:

-Put glue on the bottom of the candle stick holder and place the candle stick on the plate. Let it dry.

-Put glue on the top of the candle stick holder and place another plate on top.

-Repeat the first step for the final plate.

-I would recommend letting the glue dry completely (about ~30minutes) before putting any jewelry on in case glue drips!

Voila! Your own super cute jewelry stand

Here’s an idea by Le Zoe Musings if you don’t want a 3-tier stand.

Thanks for the tutorial and photos Acute Designs! And thank you for the alternative Le Zoe Musings! Lead image via.

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