Mariah Carey’s MTV Cribs Episode Was PSYCHOTIC [Saturday Flashback]

So Mariah Carey filmed an episode of MTV Cribs in which we visit her first penthouse. This is what happened. (I can’t find a clip of her TAKING A BATH for us but I will remind you that she gets naked and climbs into a bath tub.)

Let’s watch this mess together.


This is her first apartment, guys. So it’s modest! Only 11,000 square feet.

Why is she wearing this dress? She is proud of her boobs.

She has Marilyn Monroe’s piano but she doesn’t want to show us. She doesn’t show us.

She has a lingerie closet.

Her bathroom is larger than the Moon.

She can’t figure out how to use the shower. 😐


Why is the dog in the washing machine?

I know you want to appear down to earth, Mariah, but I am 100% sure you don’t scrub all the floors of your mansion seeing as how it would probably take a team of 50 people to do so.

Why do you have a bed in the kitchen? BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING. That is amazing.

Why do you decorate your home with teddy bears and butterflies when you are not 12 years old?

Mariah says she keeps pictures of “regular, everyday things,” then proceeds to show us a picture of herself swimming with dolphins. What is your life?

“I like to call this room The Mermaid Room but the mermaids aren’t painted on the walls yet.” Oh, I get it, Mariah is a Disney Princess come to life.


She has a salon in her house. With a full staff. 😐

Her closet is the size of your house. There are closets in her closets. WTF.

Then she changes into a low cut, red dress but that isn’t good enough so she changes into an even tinier black, tube dress.

Oh, SWEET – a shoe room. 😐

She exercises in heels.

She has a “Moroccan Room.”

She is wearing a robe now.

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