Happy Birthday Celine Dion! [Candy Dish]

I don’t think I can properly express how much love I have for Celine Dion. She is seriously the greatest singer in the world. She just is. I won’t even allow you to argue with me. I made my dad and brother sit down and watch her Vegas concert and even they had nothing but great things to say. She is the best. I’m not just talking about “My Heart Will Go On,” I’m talking about “It’s All Coming Back To Me” and “A New Day” too. Seriously, her greatest hits album is what the inside of my soul looks like. Celine’s 45th birthday was yesterday, and in honor of her being the most wonderful, quirky, funny,and weird person in the world, the ladies over at The Frisky have compiled some of the best .gifs of Celine being all sorts of crazy.

Head on over to The Frisky to check them out!

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