“Bros” is a Funnier, Smarter, Less Annoying Version of “Girls” [Video]

I guess some fellas were feeling pretty left out after watching ladies everywhere flock towards the HBO series Girls, so much so that they’re riding the hit series’ coattails and creating a spin-off parody on YouTube called Bros. I was expecting to have a few sympathetic chuckles and exit the webisode half way through; but, shockingly, it is actually really entertaining. The show features four male friends, all pretty bro-y in their own rights, navigating life in NYC as twentysomethings.

Writer/director Anthony DiMieri keeps the dialogue on the same witty level as Girls, while still giving the bros their own comedic flavor to differentiate from Lena and friends. The first episode that was posted to YouTube yesterday is entitled “Williamsburg.” The fellas discover dressing like an out-of-control hipster can actually land you some pretty hot babes in Brooklyn. And by dressing like a hipster I mean wearing really tight, short jorts with a purple sequined man tank.  The show stars John Michael Hastie, Peter Hourihan, Matthew Jacques, and Steve White as the best bro pals.

Check out the first webisode below:


What do you guys think of the first episode? Is it merely ripping off Girls‘ success, or will Bros stand on its own two feet?

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