Functional Fitness: Burn Calories WITHOUT Exercise (Well, Sorta) [CC’s ShapeU]

In accordance with the busy lives we lead (and the fact that I literally broke my inside rear-view mirror off my windshield and into in my hand this morning  – talk about laying off the lifting, huh? – and have since been scrambling to do something about it), today’s post boasts a slightly abstract take on physical activity by way of looking at the part of being a responsible young adult that we know and love: housework. And by know and love, I mean detest and despise, like Amanda Bynes hates traffic regulations, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hate poor people. 

Yes, yes, I know: ‘housework, really?’ But hear me out on this one! No matter where you work, go to school, or currently reside, and of course barring that you are some kind of royal and have staff dedicated to fulfilling your every desire – in which case you should seriously consider hiring a personal trainer instead of finding quick workouts on the internet – chances are, you will come face-to-face with some serious and unavoidable housekeeping tasks, and you’ll have to muddle through. But instead of simply getting it done with a puss on your face, why not finish your housework, or dorm room work, yard work, apartment work or office work for that matter, knowing that you did something good, not just for the space and the sake of good hygiene, but also for your body and your fitness.

It can easily take hours just to clean your own room and bathroom, let alone your entire apartment (wait, is that just me?), so instead of freaking out that you won’t have time to hit the gym or get in a quick run, making you push off all the cleaning, check out this breakdown of calorie-burning power some common, household tasks can have on you!

So while this may not be an actual workout, perhaps it will give you a new perspective on house work, and maybe even entice you to take up some spring cleaning. Maybe.

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