The 13 Most Awkward Moments Of Mad Men Will Make You Cringe

The season premier of Mad Men season 6 is this weekend (April 7th) and if you’re anything like me, you can never remember what actually has happened through the years. Instead of recapping five seasons in which, let’s be honest, nothing really happensĀ but a few a minute and gradual changes in each character, I thought I’d recap the series’ most awkward moments from blackface to fat suits, unwanted pregnancies to freak accidents, Mad Men has it all. After all, it’s the show’s subtly and tension that make it the cringe worthy, heart breaking tale that it is.

That time Roger Sterling wore “blackface” to the party.

That time one of the secretaries ran over this guy’s foot with a lawnmower.

Any time the neighbor kid showed up to creep on Betty or Sally.

That time Betty’s character mysteriously gained all that weight.

Any time Don Draper cheated on anyone.

When Roger took LSD, thought he was enlightened . . . and then it wore off.

That time Price manned up and beat the crap out of Pete who had it coming for several seasons.

When little Sally Draper got caught . . . masturbating.

Whenever Don and Megan have one of their hate-love/power struggle fights.

When Joan finally stood up to her douche bag husband.

When Don was furious at Megan for not eating the ice cream. So she forced it down.

When Peggy tells Pete she was pregnant with his baby and got rid of it but totally could have had him.

And of course . . . The infamous Zou Bisou Bisou.

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