Reviewing Burberry’s Hydrangea Pink Blush [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in Hydrangea Pink*

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Our favourite luxury company, Burberry, is back with their Summer 2013 Collection, Siren Red and, boy is it steamy! I’ve never tried the blushes, so I was extremely excited to be sent this selection from Siren Red. The blushes promise “a bright and radiant finish with warm glowing skin, reminiscent of the freshness of a spring morning.” Wow, what more could a girl want?

How To Use It:

The included brush is unfortunately a bit of a dud; even Burberry can’t seem to get that right! However, I would prefer to use a fluffier brush with more surface area, anyways. Use your favorite blush brush to pick up product and lightly dust in on the apples of your cheeks. Pull it back towards your hairline and voila!

CC Rating: A

Siren Red is a gorgeous collection from Burberry and I was so thrilled to be sent Hydrangea Pink! It’s a gorgeous, cool-toned pink that really makes your face pop. You definitely need to apply this one with caution; it’s so pigmented that if you apply it like your normal blush you may end up looking rather sunburnt. This pigmentation is definitely a good thing and will ensure the blush lasts practically forever!

Honestly, the included brush was a bit of a disappointment, but other than that, I can’t complain. Of course, Burberry Beauty items run steep, but they’re worth it. Hydrangea Pink will set you back $42 and is available from Burberry’s site.

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*Item was provided for review

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