What is Ghosting?

In the dating world it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to just say what you think or feel. We all have to become mind readers and body language specialists to actually figure out if there is a real, genuine connection. Apparently this rings true for disinterest as well. There is a new term out there now called “ghosting” that describes the sudden disappearance of someone you were romantically interested in.

According to an article on The Frisky, Dating Don’ts: Thou Shalt Not Ghost, “Ghosting is when a person you thought you were dating vanishes into thin air without explanation.”

I feel when dealing with relationships with men it’s all in the nonverbal cues. They act; they don’t discuss, ponder or draw things out. If you look at what they’re doing, it will have a direct parallel with what they’re thinking/feeling. So, ladies don’t try to pull out weird rationalizations from his avoidance of you. It means he is just not that into you. Get over it. You’ll find someone wayyyy better that respects your time anyways. If you keep trying to reach out to them it gives them an opportunity to use you when they’re bored or didn’t “find anyone better.” Have respect for yourself and find the man you deserve.

Quite frankly I think this whole ghosting thing is a huge cop out. I feel like if you’re adult enough to be dating and seeing who is out there with what they have to offer, you should be man/woman enough to be respectful and tell  them you’re no longer interested.

What do you guys  think? Have you ghosted? Have you been ghosted?

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