Why Having a Non-Boyfriend Is Awesome, As Told By GIFs

I think it might be every girl’s subconscious dream to have a ‘non-boyfriend.’ Just that dude you can call a best friend that you really have no intention of moving in on; you honestly are just really good friends. You keep that masculine/feminine line pretty intact, but you still work really well together. You can go on little mini-dates to get lunch, attend functions with each other when you’re awkward and don’t have anyone else to ask, ya know…just your everyday utility boy that’s a friend to fill in the gaps when you need him.

The Frisky just posted an article today entitled “The 10 Best Things About Non-Boyfriends,” and it is really making me want to start scoping out some new bro bffs.

Men are honest, usually, so I think the two best things about having a non-boyfriend that the Frisky has listed are that they will give you an unbiased dude’s perspective on relationships, and also tell you if you look like crap without hurting your feelings (usually).

Click here to read the other 8 items on the list, and tell us if you agree or disagree with having non-boyfriends.

Can these relationships really stay platonic? Tell us below!

[Lead image via Aleksandr Markin/Shutterstock]

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