Symcat Turns Your Web Browser Into a Doctor’s Office [Web Spy]

I know that many college students and recent graduates don’t always like going to the doctor, nor do they always have the necessary resources available to do so. And many times, when you do go to the doctor, you find out what you went there for isn’t really a big deal and something you didn’t even need to see a doctor for – thus wasting your time and the money for the co-pay.

That’s where Symcat comes in handy. Symcat is a cool site that helps identify the cause of your health problems, based on the symptoms you enter in.

After you type in your symptoms, the site then runs them through its database, which uses actual patient records to diagnose your ailment. It does this by looking at the frequency of your symptoms, and the likelihood of to certain ailments compared to other patients similar to you.

By looking at the data this way, Symcat is able to identify the most probable diagnosis, and give you advice about what to do next.

And just to be clear, I’m definitely not saying you should avoid going to the doctor completely – but Symcat will help you decide if that stomach pain is something you should get checked out, or if it’s just indigestion from the dining hall’s lunch special!

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