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Christopher Abbott is Leaving “Girls”, Says Lena Dunham is Nuts (More or Less)


Well CollegeCandy readers, here I am writing about the show ‘Girls’ again, and I still haven’t watched a single episode. However, what’s different from the last time we met is that now, I bring what may be sad news for some of you. It appears that Christopher Abbott, who plays Allison Williams’ boyfriend Charlie on the show, is done with the show. You may be wondering at this point, why would a guy leave a show that basically made his stardom? Well, I’ll tell you why. He was having issues with Lena Dunham!

A source said that, “They’ve just started work on Season 3, and Chris is at odds with Lena. He didn’t like the direction things are going in, which seems a bit odd since the show put him on the map.” His rep confirmed that “[Chris] is grateful for the experience of collaborating with Lena, Judd, and the entire Girls’ cast and crew, but right now he’s working on numerous other projects and has decided not to return to the show.” Wow! As a I said before, I don’t know the show personally, but I do know it’s pretty popular, so the fireworks must have really been going for Chris to quit the show, which got me thinking. I wonder which one of them really started this whole mess. What do you guys think?

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