The New Great Gatsby Trailer Features, Beyonce, Lana, Florence Welch, Andre 3000 [Listen To This]

The Great Gatsby thus far seems like a rather strange interpretation of the book. Why is Daisy this weepy, timid romantic and not a self-absorbed diva who ignores her daughter? Why is Gatsby so weirdly aggressive and stoic and not vibrant and charming? Weird. Anyway, the movie looks visually stunning and I think the juxtaposition of a modern soundtrack and the aesthetic of the roaring ’20s is interesting. Watch the new trailer for the movie below and check out tidbits from the hot soundtrack featuring Beyonce and Andre 3000’s Amy Winehouse cover (!) of “Back to Black,” Lana Del Rey’s, “Young and Beautiful,” and Florence and The Machines, “Over The Love.”

The soundtrack was scored by Jay-Z and director Baz Lurhmann says, “While we acknowledge, as Fitzgerald phrased it, ‘the Jazz Age,’ and this is the period represented on screen, we — our audience — are living in ‘the Hip-Hop Age’ and want our viewers to feel the impact of modern-day music the way Fitzgerald did for the readers of his novel at the time of its publication.” Coolies.


Here is a look at the full soundtrack.

01 Jay-Z -”$100 Bill”
02 Beyoncé & Andre 3000 – “Back To Black”
03 will.iam. – “Bang Bang”
04 Fergie, Q-Tip, & GoonRock – “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”
05 Lana Del Rey – “Young And Beautiful”
06 Bryan Ferry With The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Love Is The Drug”
07 Florence + The Machine – “Over The Love”
08 Coco O. Of Quadron – “Where The Wind Blows”
09 Emeli Sandé & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Crazy in Love”
10 The XX – “Together”
11 Gotye – “Hearts A Mess”
12 Jack White – “Love Is Blindness”
13 Nero – “Into The Past”
14 Sia – “Kill and Run”

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