I Went to Aaron’s Party and It Was A Bust

I don’t know if you know this, but Aaron Carter is on tour. Yeah, like THE Aaron Carter. The one who dated Hilary Duff, threw a massive party, got grounded, kicked Shaq’s ass at basketball, and still managed to be adorable. “Oh, that’s so fun! Does he have a new album coming out,” you might be asking. No. No, he does not. He has one “in the works” but as of now, Aaron’s “The After Party Tour” is Aaron and the rest of us 20 somethings reliving our glory days. See, Aaron is 25 now, so he’s bringing some nostalgia back to us the only way he knows how. When I first heard that Aaron Carter would be coming to my city, I immediately wanted tickets. They were only $18! Making my middle school dreams come true for only $18 seemed like an easy choice.

In the days leading up to the show, I started tweeting @AaronCarter to let him know how excited I was to see his show, and if he wouldn’t mind doing an interview with me so all you loyal CC readers could get inside his head. While Aaron did start following me on twitter, no such interview was ever set up. He never replied to my tweets and DMs. He did, however, retweet a lot of sorority girls telling them he wants his crowd filled with college girls. If you didn’t know, Aaron’s twitter is pretty personal. He probably doesn’t have a PR person helping him write out witty tweets, so he often tweets things like “I’m so sexual right now.” By the time the tour got to my town, Lincoln, NE, Aaron was retweeting girls and telling them they were hot. It was a really big blow to my ego to never get the retweet, but maybe he doesn’t like the intellectual type. I’m rocking some big framed glasses in my twitpic. By the time Thursday rolled around, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect when I walked into the venue…but I can tell you I was surprised.

First of all, the venue was a shocker. I’m a huge fan of local music – Lincoln, NE is actually kind of an awesome place to live as far as local music is concerned. We have a venue that is rather small that’s known for it’s punk/ska shows. It’s called Knickerbockers. This is where Aaron Carter played. Lucky for me, I know a few of the bartenders that work at this little hole in the wall, or home to some of my best friends. They were at the bar prepping for the evening when Aaron was doing sound check. I was warned in advance of the massive amount of auto tune I will be experiencing. The other thing I was surprised about were the insane amount of people there. I’ve been to plenty of sold out shows at Knickerbockers, but I was not expecting Aaron Carter to be one of them. I think one sorority brought their entire chapter. One girl even had a light up sign. It was kind of chaos. I didn’t realize so many people gave a crap.

The opening band started and three gorgeous bad ass chicks took the stage, as well as a smoking hot drummer and bass player. I was close to fainting. They rocked their set with some chick-rock anthems about how boys are losers and also rocked a Girls Just Want To Have Fun cover. The blonde lead guitarist did a solo in the middle that was SO COOL. Their name was Petrel, and I high suggest checking them out. They were the best part of the evening.

Aaron took 45 minutes to take the stage after Petrel had cleared their equipment off. They had a “DJ” playing some popular songs like Thrift Shop while we waited, but I still noticed that it was taking a while. At one point the DJ ran off the stage, I think maybe to retrieve Aaron from backstage. Shortly after he took the stage with two backup dancers. He was wearing a blanket and threw the blanket off as his first song started.

That was when things got weird. Aaron was barely able to keep his shirt on, and kept telling the poor sound guy to turn up the monitor. He even threw down his mic to bitch to his DJ about the lack of sound in the monitor. I’m 97% certain that it was as loud as it could go, but it wasn’t good enough for Aaron. He also brought two girls onto the stage to serenade to, after, obviously, inviting them back to his hotel room where they could do “whatever they wanted” to him.  He stuck his tongue down one of the girl’s ears. Then he leaned over to the audience and grabbed a third girl and began making out with her. I wasn’t sure if I was at a concert or a brothel at this point. Then he started playing Aaron’s Party and the crowd went wild. The best part was the 90s boy-band style choreography. But then the song skipped and mysteriously started over. Aaron handled it like a pro, and just started the song over. Choreography and all.

After the show was over, I was still bound and determined to land an interview with Aaron, so I waited by the merch table for about 20 minutes to see if I could talk to him when a voice came onto the mic. For those of you waiting to meet Aaron, it is $50 for a VIP pass. He will sign you wherever you want….” And that sealed the deal for me, I was out of there.

Molly is a senior journalism/English major at a school you haven’t heard of in a state you haven’t heard of. She’s obsessed with Chandler Bing, English bulldogs, and cheese. Follow her on twitter @gwacamolly.

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