Jenna Dewan Bares Her Baby Bump in a “Sexy” Glamour Photoshoot [Photos]

It appears that Channing Tatum‘s pregnant wife, Jenna Dewan, posed for a Glamour photoshoot to show off her baby pump, and the revealing pictures got me thinking. I didn’t really like the whole nude photo shoot that Jessica Simpson did when she was pregnant, and honestly there are a few pictures that I am not a big fan of in Jenna’s either for the same reason.

I don’t really like the pictures of Jenna posing provocatively and basically naked. Call me old fashioned, but when I think of a pregnant woman, I think of something really special and sacred. Hence, I don’t really want that image overtly sexualized and made so provocative. But please don’t get me wrong — I think a woman should feel sexy and confident at all times, including when she is pregnant. However, what I am trying to say is that a person can still show the world how sexy they feel while being fully dressed.

I really like the picture of her in the yellow and white knee-length dress! It shows a very confident and beautiful woman that has an amazing body even while she is pregnant, and the picture is very classy to me. In that picture she definitely looks sexy, but it’s not the first thing I am thinking about when I see her. I like that! Similarly, she is glowing, adorable, and very hot in the white and red polka-dot dress. Once again, sexy isn’t the adjective that is glaringly standing out when I first look at the picture, which is what I like.

That’s basically my opinion about nude/provocative pregnant photo shoots in general. I totally understand if you have different opinions. At the end of the day, it’s whatever you feel comfortable in, so what are you thoughts?

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