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Legendary Film Critic Roger Ebert Has Passed Away At Age 70 [Sugar Binge]


Roger Ebert has passed away, presumably due to his long battle with thyroid cancer. The film critic who used his thumbs to critique Hollywood’s finest has had a long and memorable career. I am sure he and Siskel are enjoying the big movie theater up in the sky just beautifully. RIP.

Lululemon has fired the executive who put those see-through yoga pants on the market.

The Tanning Mom inspired an anti-tanning law.

Amanda Bynes has an impostor. OTAY, Amanda.

Brave or just NOT RACIST Georgia teens are fighting to have their school’s first INTEGRATED prom. By integrated I do mean BLACK STUDENTS AND WHITE STUDENTS. The 4 students told their local news station:

“We’re embarrassed, it’s embarrassing, yeah it’s kind of embarrassing,” Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace, and Keela Bloodworth told WSFA. “We are all friends, that’s just kind of not right that we can’t go to prom together.”

They put up posters encouraging an integrated prom and people have been ripping them down because people still don’t want whites and blacks mixing. Can you sense my utter disgust at this? And guess what the City Councilman thinks it’s NBD.

“I think it’s more of the personal opinions of those involved,” City Councilman Wayne McGuinty told Fox24. “I don’t think there is an effort made to keep black kids out of the white prom and to keep white kids out of the black prom.”

Except that whenever Black or biracial students try to enter the White prom the police are called to remove them. Fun times. This is America.

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