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All The Great Gatsby GIFs We Could Find Because This Movie Is Beautiful [Gallery]


The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time and as I expressed in an earlier post from this week, I am skeptical about this movie. It could just be the trailer but the characterization of Daisy and Gatsby feels very, very off from what is true to the book. Hollywood is notorious for changing major plot points to make story lines more marketable.. After all, in the books Daisy was shallow, vain and a neglectful mother while in the trailer she appears to be a weepy, timid romantic. It would be rather difficult to convince a newer audience that Gatbsy should be smitten with such a vapid woman so in that sense the change would be understandable. Moreover Gatsby was not so aggressive or unhinged in the novel. The film will probably be fundamentally different from the book and have a completely different message to take away.

Aside from these glitches the movie looks visually amazing! Everything is as decadent, luxurious and excessive as it should be. It looks even more luxe than I was capable of imagining. With that said, we’ve rounded up our favorite GIFs from the trailer so that we could capture each stunning scene and spend a little more than a second looking at it.

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