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Remember That Reality Show On MTV ‘Rich Girls’?


I didn’t remember it either until CC’s lovely editor-in-chief Alex, introduced me to the most amazing series of the early ’00s. The show followed Ally Hilfiger, daughter of designer Tommy Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher, daughter of Leo Gleicher the founder of Innovative Luggage, as they completed their final semester of high school and their antics during the following summer. They lived in very expensive apartments in NYC, vacationed in London, The Hamptons, West Indes and L.A. throughout the one season series and were seen shopping and being pampered at luxurious places.

However 2003 was a different time for reality tv. You see, capitalizing on vapid, annoying rich people had not yet been established as a necessity for any show about the “1 percent.” Ally and Jaime weren’t necessarily spoiled brats but that isn’t to say their bizarre (and yes, it bizarre to grow up wealthy because 99% of the world isn’t) upbringing didn’t profoundly affect them and their world views. These girls weren’t exactly shallow, I mean if money was no option you’d get your hair done at Fekkai and not the $20 shady, salon, right? However, they weren’t well-adjusted either. These girls didn’t want to devote their life to fame and attention the way the Kardashians do but they didn’t exactly know how to take care of themselves because their lives had been so comfortable.

You must watch this video of Ally Hilfiger having a BREAKDOWN because she doesn’t know how to make a burrito and can’t take care of herself. (All of the episodes are on Youtube, btw.)

And then she yells at her friend because she still can’t make a burrito . . .

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