5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Mad Men Tonight

Tonight, we will all gather around our televisions (computers?) and watch the season 6 premiere of everyone’s favorite show about men smoking in offices and drinking during the day, Mad Men! After 10 long months, it’s back!

If you’re a Mad Men n00b, I suggest you go on Netflix right now and catch up! Mad Men has won about 78 Emmys and will go down as one of the greatest dramas of our time. It has sex, intrigue, amazing writing, and comic relief. It’s so hard not to tune in every Sunday to see what kind of shit storm Don Draper is going to get himself into.

If I still haven’t convinced you about why this show is amazing, I’ll give you five more! Check out the gallery below, and I bet I know what you’re going to be doing tonight. Cheers!

[Lead Image via Orange Cow]

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