7 Ridiculously Cute Dresses for Spring Under $50!

Get this, guys! It stormed for the first time last night! I’m talking pouring rain, thunder, lightning, high winds–the whole shebang. And you know, they always say that April showers bring May flowers! (And what do Mayflowers bring? PILGRIMS! Sorry, I had to.) This weather, while not exactly wonderful, still is an amazing sign that spring has finally sprung! I cannot even begin to contain my excitement. With the sign of warmer weather, I wanted to clean out my entire closet and put away all my heavy sweaters and coats!

When I was done clearing everything out, I just had a bunch of empty space. It was time to go shopping, and thankfully the Internet is open 24/7. I’m a super big dress person, and I love being able to just thrown on a nice comfy dress, some flats, and hit the road! I’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the cutest spring dresses! Oh and the other part that’s pretty cool about these dresses is that they’re totally affordable! Enjoy!

[Lead Image via Blonde Episodes]

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