How to Keep a Woman Happy According to a Bunch of Men

It’s a Sunday afternoon, which means it’s time for me to troll the Internet and find out what the world is up to. I usually mosey on over to Twitter to see what’s trending. One of the top trending topics today is #howtokeepawomanhappy. Oh really? Twitter is going to tell me how I am kept happy? Does this mean in a relationship? In life? In my workplace? What exactly¬†does¬†it take to keep us crazy females happy these days? I would love to know! Thankfully, the bright and ever knowledgable men of the Twitterverse seem to have it all figured out.

Now, I know that all I need is a fountain Diet Coke to be happy, but apparently that’s not the case for others. I’ve checked out the Twitter tag #howtokeepawomanhappy and found some of tweets from men who are convinced they know what the key to a woman’s happiness is.

Check them out in the gallery below!

[Lead Image via Jezebel]

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