It’s Time to Finally Talk to Your Crush!

I remember a time back when I was a Freshman in college, every single class I had was a huge lecture hall. As you probably know, these classes can get painfully dull. There is so much time to just daydream and people watch. I would scan the room, looking at every person’s face to see if I knew anyone,  but mostly looking for hot dudes.

There was one lecture I had where I sat next to the cutest guy in the world. His hair was always kind of messed up. He took very detailed notes. He would even raise his hand and ask questions (WHO DOES THAT?). He was seriously such a cutie, but I was always convinced that I was a mere peasant compared to his greatness. I just never knew how to start a conversation with him!

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to even mutter a measly “hello” to him during that 12 week course. I wish I had had some type of guidelines to give me the courage to talk to him! Thankfully for you guys, Gurl has taken care of this! 

Head on over to to see how to start a conversation with your crush!

[Lead Image via Cupid Speaks]

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