Total Body Toning, Courtesy of Your Bath Towel [CC’s ShapeU]

From a dorm room/workout-at-home perspective, it’s pretty tough to find a toning routine that doesn’t require equipment and that isn’t super typical and boring. Particularly when it comes to the upper body, most routines designed to trim and tone are somewhat limiting in that they feature weighted exercises as the main means of getting results. But who the heck has the spare change to drop on exercise equipment, or even a new air freshener for that matter? I can answer that: no one on a college budget, scrounging up spare change for metered parking and picking at three day old pasta leftovers!

So as I comb through countless blogs and Pinterest accounts, I’m faced with the same old lame routines that free weights or bands or other expensive gadgets. But then, suddenly, SparkPeople hit me with an awesome alternative as if the pinboards of heaven had been sent down to me from some kind of higher fitness power. A workout that can be done by any person in the world, using the simplest, most affordable and unexpected equipment out there: a towel.

Okay, I’m being a tad dramatic, but this is actually pretty cool! Maybe we’ve been over-thinking this whole toning thing all along. I mean, who doesn’t have a towel, even if it is the one you use to shower with! So if you thought the towel was for sweating, well, you’re wrong (not all wrong, because you might sweat, but wrong in that you need the towel for your actual workout!). Anyway, check out these awesome exercises that will not only tone, but also stretch your muscles and sculpt your body. 

I may be slightly too excited for this routine, and being a fitness instructor, I probably should be a little less surprised that a towel is actually super functional as a tool for exercising, but, all that aside, it’s still pretty cool! Enjoy the workout!

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