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American Apparel Adverts Banned: ‘Sexual And Objectifying’ Images Show Models Half Naked [Photos]


I realize that a business needs to make money via selling their products, but there is definitely a limit. Probably businesses don’t think so, but I do.

These recent adds by American Apparel are disgusting. I kind of feel like I am watching soft porn. The sad part is, this isn’t the first time AA has done this. I was ENRAGED by their topless models who looked like they weren’t older than 14! In my opinion, their ads always seem to sexualize very young girls. I am not a fan of that.What makes these pictures even more disgusting, is that the poor model’s face isn’t even shown. Um, can these pictures scream “objectifying,” any louder?

The picture of the model with her legs open in the front kneeling in the body suit is just ridiculous. Um, am I supposed to be solely concentrating on her groin? Obviously, this must be the case since I can’t even see her face! In all honesty, I am pretty sure no one is even focusing on her “clothing” anymore which is the point of the ad, right?

Some people may say, well “sex sells.” Yeah, sure, “sex sells”, but is that the culture you want to live in. Is that the culture you want your kids to grow up in? American Apparel targets a primarily younger population so this is definitely what your kids will be seeing. Also, you might say well Victoria Secret catalogs aren’t much better, but here is the thing. They are advertising bras and lingerie, so it’s kind of expected territory, and frankly, the models in their catalogs look CONFIDENT and ready to take on the world. They look like they don’t take any nonsense from any man. The models in these pictures just look hesitant, young, and vulnerable.

Think about it this way. If you were in a public place, and you were looking at the pictures of the body-suit and thigh high socks and someone looked over your shoulder and didn’t see the American Apparel logo, would they be more likely to think A) oh they are doing online shopping or B) they are looking at porn in a public place. Be honest and unbiased when you answer that question.

I have included pictures from their recent ads and just other ads over the years.Take a look, and I suggest you aren’t looking at these at work because some of them are highly inappropriate.

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