MixShape Makes Your Spotify Playlists Work Perfectly for Any Occasion [Web Spy]

It’s true that listening to music can make any situation better. But creating playlists can take time (and I tend to get sick of hearing the same songs in the same order, over and over again), and relying on an online radio (like Pandora or Spotify) means you have little control over what plays.

MixShape solves this problem by making the perfect playlist for any occasion – whether it’s exercising, working, getting romantic, or partying. And the best part? It does this from playlists you’ve already created in Spotify, re-ordering them to work perfectly for your chosen occasion.

Start by logging on to MixShape and choose the occasion (from the categories previously mentioned), as well as the specific sub-category (for example, the “exercise” category has options for sprint running, endurance, and circuit training). Once you do that,  you’ll need to copy the URL of the playlist you want to listen to into MixShape (I did this by simply right-clicking the name of the playlist in Spotify and selecting “copy Spotify URL”).

If you don’t have any playlists already created, don’t worry! Instead of pasting in the URL of one of your playlists, you can choose from one of MixShape‘s pre-made playlists (including popular tracks for your chosen genre/mood).

After that, MixShape will analyze your playlist based on your preferences chosen in the first step, and re-order, add or delete tracks as it sees necessary to fit the mood you’re in. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

And that’s it! All that’s left to do now is open your new playlist in Spotify and listen!

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